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The Sims 2 Poster Importer

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The Sims 2 Poster Importer
Программа для внедрения в игру собственных изображений (преимущественно постеров и плакатов). После загрузки изображения можно изменить его цену, название, имя автора, а так же установить уровень доставляемого веселья и уюта.

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How does this work? :))


The program is intended for creation of posters that you can hang in the rooms of your house sims.
Installation takes a few clicks, you only need to select the location where to install the program.

To create a poster you'll need: a template for the poster, the desired image, image editor (eg PhotoShop CS) and fantasy.
Here's a template for a poster (like, save, do not want to - you can find a similar picture in my \ The Sims 2 Poster Importer \ tutorial \ images).

Now we will focus on the template .. As you probably have noticed, it uses 4 colors. We, however, are only interested in two: white, designed to insert images, and yellow, designed to frame the poster.
Suppose that we have a frame was yellow, so yellow and will remain, but in place of white background we insert the picture, the size of which must be 222 by 386 pixels.
File - Save As - File Format BMB - Save - in the window that BMP Options in the File Format, select Windows, and Depth 24 Bit, click on Ok.
Further, all quite simple .. Open up The Sims 2 Poster Importer, click BROWSE, select only image we have created, click Open. Fill the field with the title, author's name and the price, putting indicators and click on IMPORT POSTER, and our image in the game!

Option "slot"
If you make several posters at once - keep them in different slots if all save one - you have in the game will only display the last picture you poster. Although, the program still asks whether you want to or not Catching. Then the question? And if we want to do more than 10 posters possible, then what then? Simple. Go to the folder Downloads, find the folder where Gamingaccess Posters, and which are our posters .. Edit - Select All - Edit - Cut - Back (get caught back in the Downloads - Edit - Paste. And worked on.

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You are here » SIMS WORLD » Программы » The Sims 2 Poster Importer