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TS2 Нерабочие, битые ссылки

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Sweet Mila Love your work but I can't download Only brands its the Dead Lovers Dress I have downloaded just about all your clothes as they are Gorgeous!!!! but with this Dress I see the Download but when I click on it nothing happens!! I would really appreciate very much if you can fix this problem the Dress is so very very Pretty!! Much love Mila!! xoxoxo


Thank you very much for your kind words, I am very pleased.
The problem I have decided. You can to download dress.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


Mila написал(а):

Thank you very much for your kind words, I AM very pleased.
The problem I have Decided. You can download to Dress.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you, THANK YOU!! You are an Angel!! I just downloaded the Dress :) Please don't be sorry Mila broken links, downloads that don't work are not your fault at all they just happen and if we as members don't tell you about them then you can't fix them so I appreciate your time Much Love Mila xo


Not a complaint, but a tip for those who have problems with the clothing showing up in your game (to which was first the case with miss yaya a year back, which can be read at the first page of this thread)
When i download cc myself i store everything in a map on an other drive. I have made a new map for that, named it simply ts2 (but you can give every name to it) and in that map made a few submaps. Now when i have finished downloading stuff i go to this map and then open it there. I use 7 zip for this, which can be found here:
It's open-source. You can offcourse also use winrar or powerarchiver or something else, as long as it can handle rar and 7z files (mila use rar).
I then go to the now new created map (for example gm12), select all files (can do this with left ctrl + A), cut (ctrl + X) and paste it into the downloads folder (paste can be done with ctrl + V)
And also be sure that you have enabled to view custom content in the game. Otherwise it won't work.
Still not sure how to do it? Then read the wiki: … ing_Idiots
At the simswiki from mod the sims you can find everything related to cc and other things for the game. There are also sections for ts3 and ts4.


Thank you very much for useful information. I really hope that it will help someone.


I wanted to download your newest clothing set from womans clothing but my browser says that it could contain a virus or spyware & won't open the file. I was thinking it might be the file host you uploaded it with. Could you try changing the download link using either mediafire, dropbox, or Thanks! And keep up the great work, you're meshes are great! :)


Sorry, but I have again problem with downloading files on mediafire, today I did it


Thanks so much for the adorable little Christmas house I adore it but just wanted to ask if you found that African American Skin and if you could upload it for me would love to use it for a model of mine?


Thank you! These lights can be used for houses, buildings of any size, the options are many.

This sim … -as-i-said
Skintone … lly-wanted


So... i have this weird problem with some of your man clothes i downloaded.

There are some meshes that appear totally diformed. Everything is fine on CAS, but once in game it's... looking like that :

Am i the only one having this trouble? Does anyone know how to fix it?

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