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TS2 Нерабочие, битые ссылки

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I don't know if I am posting in the right place, but I am trying to Download some of the beautiful Mila's clothes and cannot. It says I must score 1 more message, but I do not understand what that means...
Otherwise, I am happy to have descovered your site today - fabulous stuff!
Thank you for sharing.


Hi! You had to leave one message in the comments to my work here & here. Then you can download any material. I am glad you liked my works.


hi Mila.....i just discovered your work tonight and was very excited to download EVERYTHING! But now I'm sad because nothing showed up in my game.  I don't understand why this happened...can you please assist me in this there something extra I should be doing....i do notice that you mentioned all meshes are included especially for clothes but its not showing up in my game.


miss yaya
No one ever spoke  with such a complaint. All my clothes are tested by other players on another forum and such a problem, no one was. I do not know what could be the reason you.
I've seen a lot of my clothes on FLICKR, I do not understand why the my clothes do not  showed up in game, I do not know what to advise.


I apologize for not leaving this comment sooner...But I discovered what I was doing wrong why the cc was not showing up in my game.  Your work is superb!!


miss yaya
I'm glad you solved the problem. Thank you! I am pleased.


sOrry Mila but it's not about a broken link. Your very last outfit with leather jacket and tighboots here : Женская одежда on mesh meshByMila_AF_12032014_748 isn't showing up at all. Do you have the template of this mesh ? Thanks in advance.



Many thanks for noticing. In the archive was invested another mesh. Now everything's in order. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Thank you very much Mila. It's a great mesh like all others of yours. :)

Вы здесь » SIMS WORLD » Ваши комментарии, жалобы (You comments,complaints) » TS2 Нерабочие, битые ссылки