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Thank you!!!
Благодарю от всей души!

missyou777 wrote:

Вы - моё вдохновение!

Спасибо большое, мне очень приятно.


Я люблю этот сайт до сих пор! Такие замечательные творения !


Amazing work.Thanks for sharing~


Thank you sooo much!!!


Соглашусь с комментариями выше! У Вас великолепные арт-работы! Просто потрясающие! Особенно мне понравилась пиратская тематика!


Большое спасибо, приятно.


Mila wrote:

Unfortunately, in the world of The Sims2 there are not many creators, but I'm holding

We are still numerous to stuck on the Sims 2 occasionally or as our main sims game installed and played.Only the same creators now only cares of the Sims 4 and a lot of us still doesn't really play it
or enjoy it .
Creators who continues to create for the Sims 2 are totally unseen now or difficult to reach.Even though I still play and create for this game I am myself hidden.I share more the sims 3 and the sims 4 than the Sims 2 creations of me.The Sims 2 community vanished and they changed their game.I am just glad people like you still resist.The Sims 2 is still worthy even though it's deeply CC unfriendly.I appreciate you converts the best fromt he Sims 3 into the Sims 2.I wish you continue, they are so much stunning items from TS3, TS2 needs.

By the way I love your new bags especially the Rose and the Japan nail .I don't know if you accept requests , feel free to accept or not it doesn't matter for me.I would appreciate it if you can make
both of them as decor too.These bags are stunning for houses too aren't they?

Best regards.

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Thank you so much for such amazing works. You're a really talanted creator.


Unfortunately it's true. Almost all of the play in The Sims 3, and 4, but I still true Sims 2 and I will do interesting things, while I would be interested, and  will be opportunities. Thank you very much for this big comment  and warm words, I am very pleased. I was going to make those bags decorative, but has not decided what to do with the chain, so long as it is only accessory.
Большое спасибо, мне очень приятно.


Mila wrote:

It took me forever hun but Im so glad i found this, I love love your creations and ur so talented Thank u so much for allowing me to visit ur page. cant wait to download ur lots Thank u again n again

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