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Hi guys! In my forum I'm opening a VIP section from TS4. For $ 5 or $ 3 in month you will get early access release  and then the public release (in 3 weeks). Your support is very important to me. … t_16175450

Payment through PayPal me.
In my country, I can not withdraw money, so  my very good friend kindly agreed to help me, who opened an account PayPal for me, for which I am very grateful (you will see her name when sending a money transfer).
For a month you will receive at least five or ten new CC for the game Sims 4.
For more information you can contact me in private messages.

To receive the link to download send me a message by e-mail

Also you can support me on the my PATREON

В основном это касается креаторов, создающих одежду и перекраски объектов.

Вы можете конвертировать мои меши для Симс 3, но обязательно  укажите создателя.  Прошу Вас не использовать мои текстуры. Не выкладывайте мои работы (даже с вашими перекрасками) на платные сайты и не зарабатывайте на моих творениях.
Давайте уважать  труд друг друга.

You can convert my meshes for Sims 3, but be sure to specify the creator.  Please do not use my textures. Do not upload my work (even with your recolors) to paid sites and do not make money on my creations.
Let's respect each other's work.

Most textures that  use I found on the Internet resource and belong to the original authors.

Do not use my textures or recolor them.

Don't convert to the SL(second life)



Hi guys! I updated the game and noticed that my decor items began to look worse, the texture became more blurry. I fixed it through notepad Graphics Rules by changing the texture size to 4096
If you want the same result, you must change this parameter too.

SIMS 4  -->  Game -->  Bin -- > GraphicsRules (Open with notepad)

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Вы здесь » SIMS WORLD » V I P content » V I P СС TS4