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Комментарии, отзывы о моих работах(2)

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Отпадные блейзеры!!!!! :love: Что ли новая коллекция будет? :shine:

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Спасибо, солнышко! Ага, ожидайте


It's me again.. I have been all over the internet looking for Sims 2 clothes and you have the BEST clothing anywhere! Your shoes are amazing! I have tried to mesh and convert stuff before, so I know how difficult and time consuming it can be. I really respect all of your hard work and talent. Thank you again.


Thank you very much. I am glad that you think so. More difficult to adjust 3d models of shoes, and so is not difficult, although as anyone. Thank you appreciate my work.


Вы самая лучшая! :love: Все наряды бесподобны! Больше всего понравился комплект с алыми леггинсами! :shine: Никакой весенний дождь не испортит настроение если ты в таких красивых нарядах! :rain:  С нетерпением жду продолжения коллекции! Спасибо!


Oh Mila how you tease us with such treats, I'm going crazy for the collection!!! The tease you give us are so amazing and detail of such beauty your talents are beyond and above  :love: !!!!


Спасибо, солнышко! Мне самой безумно нравится коллекция и я очень рада подарить её вам от всего сердца. Носите на здоровье.
tomeka kent
Thank you my dear! I do not tease, I just have a little time now, post the collection whenever possible. Thank you and I love this collection.


slay queen


What do you mean?


OMG Mila these are beautiful you are so talented as creator, designer, artist and a sweet person. Your creations leave me speechless so many times just such beauty. Thank you for sharing your talent with us making are Sims trendy and stylish!!! Mila  love your many talents and you!!!

You are here » SIMS WORLD » Ваши комментарии, жалобы (You comments,complaints) » Комментарии, отзывы о моих работах(2)