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Комментарии, отзывы о моих работах(2)

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Dear Mila, sorry you cannot help or maybe I failed in explaining the problem in my game as it relates to your AM Jacket Accessory.

In Bodyshop the Jacket looked like this:

However, in Game it looks like this (exploded) or torn Mesh:


I'm sorry, but that's not my fault
In your game there is addition pets?


Amo seu site ♥ ♥ ♥


Adorei suas criações! Lindas!


Mila, no I do not have PETS in my game. I was wondering because in Bodyshop everything looks fine, but in my game it looks the opposite. I was hoping it could be fixed, or that maybe there was something I needed for my game in order for it to work...yet in still why would it look fine in Bodyshop if there is a problem with my game. Thanks in Advance. 8-)


Muito obrigado! Estou muito satisfeito


I not casually asked you to  add-ons  PETS. The fact that some of the texture in the game with it began to look differently. Since many people  installed all add-ons, I made the change  to their textures that they in game  looked good. Try to make changes to its texture. It is necessary to in paragraph 4 to remove the word Sim to happen Standard Material and doing are two save, as shown in the screenshot


Ваша работа прекрасна, так что я на учете, чтобы я мог выйти из этих красивых вещей в игре. К сожалению, мы не можем говорить очень русский, я из Словакии, но даже так я очень рад России. Спасибо и желаю вам много творческих идей, здоровья и счастья. Марика.


Meshing is great work Mila!!!!


mila love your work one of the best sites i've seen , but i cant read russian


Veľmi vám ďakujem za vaše milé slová, ďakujem vám za priania. Veľa šťastia vo všetkom.

tomeka kent
Thank you so much!!!

You are here » SIMS WORLD » Ваши комментарии, жалобы (You comments,complaints) » Комментарии, отзывы о моих работах(2)